Friday, 22 August 2014

Kevin OConnell - Information

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About Kevin:

Here is a little about me, and my style of work.

I love both traditional and digital design. As a passionate artist, I am always trying new techniques to set my photography and design apart from others and give my clientele something unique, lovely and one of a kind. Some of my photography pieces are very traditional, like Ansel Adams- But, always with a unique touch of mystery. I like my Black & Whites to have a hint of mystery to them without going extreme, so those are shot on Black & White Infrared film. I also love to paint with light, which is a traditional method of shooting and some added touches of my own, involving very long exposures, Flames, candlelight, colored gels, and shadow. Many of these images were done in haunted homes, mansions, and hotels. As of late, i finished a digital design degree, so i am working on digital abstract paintings, and contemporary digital metal designs.

Lockport, IL - United States

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