Monday, 8 September 2014

Bette Anne Wygant - Information

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I have been an oil painter for the last 40 plus years. I work in my studio up in the Litchfield Hills of CT.


Each painting explores the energy of eternal light, that can heal & inspire all of us. We only need to recognize it around us and within us. I hope my work inspires others to find and share that light. I have been an oil painter for forty-eight years. It is my quest to investigate and experience the bond between the physical and spiritual worlds. We are just one breath away from continuing our ... See More.


I am a painter and sculptor who explores the bond between the physical and spiritual worlds through the power of light. Much of my work incorporates oil paint on a sculptural base. Through this medium I can give the power of light depth and drama.


First Place at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists in Ballard Park 1973

Bell Gallery, CT Greenwich Times Art review 1977

Second Prize at the Bruce Museum CT Greenwich 1986

Litchfield Hills, CT - United States

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